In 2006, Jason Schott, CPO partnered with Capstone Orthopedic Owner Glen Ellis, CPO to open Advanced Prosthetics and offer the Central Valley high quality prosthetic and orthotic care.  This relationship coupled with a core desire to help "Rebuild Lives" has helped it to have the success it has today.

Advanced Prosthetics is trusted by numerous local hospitals, rehab centers, surgeons, doctors and physical therapists to ensure their patients receive the best care possible. Jason and Glen continue to work diligently in the community to educate care providers for continual improvements in patient outcomes.

The Advanced Prosthetics Practitioner staff comprises caring, compassionate individuals with strong understanding of bio mechanical principles and applications


Jason Schott, CPO

Allison Seim, MPO,CO

Warren Castleberry: APOD Rocks!! Couldn't have done it without you J. March 17 at 12:59am

Stephaine Ybarra, CO

Scott Weisman, CP

Ron Heinrichs, CO

Jacy Gustafson, MPO

 What some of our clients have to say:

 Larry Powell — 5 stars Bob Greco is one of a kind. He fabricated my current brace which has served me incredibly well since 1998. My old brace, built by Johnny Aliano, was made in the late 60s out of steel and    leather. Bob crafted my current one and substituted aluminum in part to keep the strength but reduce the weight giving me greater mobility. He also reduced the amount of leather needed thus keeping my leg from s  weating in Fresno's hot summers. APOD and Bob have demonstrated great care for me personally and in the construction and repair of my braces. Kudos to Bob and APOD for their professionalism and heart!

I smael Dena Flores- 5-Stars. Thanks to the people at Advanced Prosthetics, I am able to walk today                            Warren Castleberry -APOD ROCKS! Couldn't have done it without you J March 17th, 12:58am