FO's (Foot Orthotics)

AFO's (Ankle Foot Orthosis)

KAFOs (Conventional, Modular, Carbon Fiber, stance control

Spinal Bracing

Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic Custom Scanned inserts

Fracture management

Knee Bracing

Shoe lifts

Ankle Bracing

Elbow Bracing

Wrist Bracing


Pre and post-opporative Consultations

IPOP Immediate Post-Op Care

Fleixble inner socket systems

Gel liner Interfaces

Certifications Microprocessor systems

Bionic systems

Elivated Vacuum suspension

Speicalized feet and knees for lifestyle integration

Cosmetic Finishing


Manufacturer Certifications

  • C-Leg, Genium, X3
  • Freedom Plie 3.0
  • WIllow Wood One
  • BeBionic Steeper
  • Omega Tracer
  • Myo Certified
  • Endolite Orion
  • Smart IP
  • Pathfinder Certified
  • Coyote Design
  • Ossur Unity system
  • Otto Bock Harmony
  • MAS socket design
  • Becker Stance Control KAFO systems

Gait Room

Waiting room

Full Fabrication lab